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Link each side of you.
Compile a multi-dimensional digital identity powered by Ontology blockchain technology.

Leading innovation in trust and digital transformation utilizing the Ontology blockchain

Trusted Identity on the Blockchain

  • Creates trusted multi-dimensional identity portraits for users
  • Digital Identity based on W3C DID specifications;
  • Supports various authentication methods.

Data security

  • Impenetrable End-to-End data encryption;
  • Integrated DAA (Direct Anonymous Attestation) cryptographic algorithm for selective data attestation;
  • Supports UMA (User-Managed Access) protocol – giving users complete control over their own data.

Integration made easy

  • Single API and SDK integration;
  • Supports verification with iOS and Android mobile application;
  • Highly customizable Know-Your-Customer (KYC) requirement templates user identity verification.

Global coverage and data standards

  • Equipped with numerous validated world-wide data sources;
  • Validate various types of ID documentation and identity attributes;
  • Supports cross-industry and cross- border customization
ONT ID Application Suite
Enhance your identity and access management system with ONT Pass and ONTO Login
ONT Pass
ONT Pass is a one-stop solution providing identity authentication services integrated on the Ontology blockchain. Integrate your application or platform with a single API supporting ID validation services, covering data sources in 218 countries and regions.
ONTO Login
ONTO Login is an integral identity and access management service compiled into applications integrated on the Ontology blockchain. Customize user access and authorization to your platform or application with an enhanced user registration and login process using a unified identity management service.

ONT ID Use Case
John Smith requests identity authentication data from a trust anchor to collect information for a bank loan.
John Smith requests education certification data from a trust anchor, such as a university or education ministry. He can use the data when pursuing higher education abroad or when applying for a job.
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